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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Believe- custom made paper bag album for Jo

This album is a special custom made order I have just finished.
 Made with soft powder blue bazzill and pretty shiny gold foiled patterned cardstock.
 I had lots of fun stamping images then embossing them in enchanted gold embossing powder from stamp it rubber stamps. There are lots of little envelopes and library pockets, as well as angel and positive quotes scattered through out. I made a complimentary card to match. There were also lots of silver heart charms as well, i hung some resin crystals from the front of the album AND the card. 
There's plenty of room for journalling in the stamped and embossed journalling areas. I have even created extra fold out concertina areas and flaps.
My favourite bit is the hidden library pocket with the wishing dust inside!!
I hope she likes it!
have a fairy happy day

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WIMWSW? What's in MY work studio wednesday!!

oh not  in my studio today! 
Twas out raking hay :-(
BUT have an album i just finished to share with you!
This is a lunch bag album- I'll be listing on ebay shortly
Along with 2 owl mini canvas's and easels JUST LISTED 
happy woyww?
ps LOVING the big shot!! Everyone was so right- thought my cuttlebug was good but OMG!

Friday, October 22, 2010

flirty purse cards- custom orders and ebay listings

These cards have been for some orders and for ebay to top up my depleted shop!
The Marriage one sold about 3 minutes after i listed it and an hour later was in the post on it's way east.
Hoping Lynnie will like the blue and yellow one?? I didn't have any ocean or beach stuff so used those colours and made a friends live love laugh card with lots of silver heart charms a feather and a little resin crystal.
have a fairy happy weekend all!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gratitude journal- an emerging butterfly

From a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly!
This album has been created for someone special in mind.
Cream, burgundy with a touch of green.
Sparkly arkly with glimmer misted flowers and splattered hand stamped tags ready for thankful thoughts and gratitude’s.LOTS of tags in clear pockets coz i couldnt bear to cover the beautifully detailed card stock.
So disappointed it hasn’t photographed so well, the gold foiled papers as sublime( gold colour of power and strength), with lots of little greeny rhinestones throughout.
It’s bold and punchy. I like the references of birds being freed from their cages! Quite apt I think- representing new beginnings and freedom, growth etc.
Not sure if this is what you had in mind “L”? Won’t be insulted if you no like! Let me know- thought it better to post pics here rather than horrendously large emails to you! The recipient isn’t on my blog mailing list- but just in case I am being cryptic!!
Talk soon xxxL

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WIMWSW? What's in MY work studio wednesday!!

whats in my work studio this wednesday????
well...... i should be raking hay but we've had a major disaster with some heavy heavy rain.
 But we are so NOT talking about it!!! So I've put a happy picture of a few of my multi-suckled calves having a munch. The black one believe it or not is little THISTLE only a few months old and a little "ripper"
So todays agenda????- finish a gratitude album order start a flirty purse card and organize and photograph some ideas for another order. Oh and lunch with a special friend and my mum!!
Ohhh and check out my desk! NEW BIG SHOT!!!!!- so so so love it.
happy WOYWDW xxx

Sunday, October 17, 2010


mum and her cards

mums cards and my easels

triple trouble- Mum denny and chris 

Bruce and Margaret from Lavender Fields of Bridgetown

very rare pic of me- sorry i know not good-
always squinting at the flash or pulling a stupid face!!
Thankyou all for your well wishes for my market!
Well all now done and dusted for another year.
Long day bit disappointed after last years block buster BUT on the positive side I have plenty of stock for ebay and the markets coming soon.
Mums handmade cards were an absolute hit- i am so proud of all her hard work coming to fruition!
Fantastic as always to see my market friends-
Karen from New Earth Soaps stop by her site and get some great deals- her soap is to die for!
Bruce and Margaret from Lavender Fields of Bridgetown   lavender candy which you cant stop eating and so many lovely lavender goodies.
Oh well must get ready for the next market- Dunsborough park this saturday!