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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family photo's layout: Marriage Moment

Wow 2 of my own layouts in one week!!!
How scary is that?
I have just ordered some more websters pages papers as i want something new!!! 
I've nearly used up what i have, this is the second last page of this design paper .
Still working my way through the few old photo's we have. It's been a bit of a detective story- working out when photo's where taken and who's who. I had come up against a bit of a mystery in my grandma's story- 
where are her wedding photo's ????
No one in the family knows of any in existance and my Auntie thinks they may have been married whilst an air raid took place!! This was the only photo i could find of my grandmother and granddad in their younger years. So i thought a copy of their marriage certificate seemed quite apt for this page. 
I have a few more "official records" does any one have any good ideas how to incorporate the, so they dont look stuck on?? The next ones I think I'll pop in library pockets half hidden away. I have used webster paper prima 3d butterfly pebble, kaisercraft flowers, misc rub ons and some bazzill card stock.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family photo's layout: Grandma Sells

This is this weeks addition to my family history album- a little late BUT it's done!!.
To be honest this paper isnt one of my favourite of the websters pages . 
I think its those frogs in the corner of the paper!! 
So i covered the frogs with the matted photo and added more rub ons to the background to fill out the space a bit more.
I'm getting a bit tired of all my kaisercraft flowers so raided my "fairy craft" stash for some silk flowers and leaves. I like the way they kind of blend the background paper into the picture so it doesnt look too floaty.
I thought the pearls were a cute idea- just a few added to the centers of the flowers. 
This time i couldnt help but add a bit of kindy glitz too. 
I'm sure Grandma wouldnt mind!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fairy market update

Time for a fairy update !!
Luckily I took these pictures just before a big black cloud came in and flooded us all out!
Fairy disappointed as I had LOTS of new stock to show off.
I have just made the cutest fairy wishing jars with a little wishing dust scroll, pony bags AND some spell bags with real crystal stones.
Hopefully it will be better weather next weekend- although we DO need the rain!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

STAMP IT DESIGNS- CATALOGUE UPDATE-Our favourite things 2003

Stamp it catalogue Our favourite things 2003
Unicorn design stamp designs



  Unicorn design Stamp designs


Unicorn Design stamp designs


Stamp it Passion for fashion 2006
Unicorn design stamp designs


Unicorn Design stamp designs


Unicorn design stamp designs


Eden 2009 designs 
from Unicorn Design


Unicorn Design stamp designs

I am working on uploading all my designs from each catalogue that i have done for 
Stamp-it rubber stamps over the past years. 
So i will have an online portfolio here of my stamp designs and a few papers.
I design under my design company name UNICORN DESIGN. 
I tend to forget to advertise this side of my business as I don't tend to do a lot of commercial illustration work these days.
It's much too much fun drawing for myself!!
I also have a massive catalogue of ready to purchase illustrations for any one interested.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WIMWSW? What's in MY work studio wednesday!!

Yes I've changed my wednesday title posting! from
what's on your workdesk wednesday  to what's in my work studio wednesday.
I havent heard what you guys are doing so from now on it's all about me!!!!!! LOL!
Maybe i shall call it what arnt i doing???
As there is SO much stuff happening at the moment.
Today- spell bags, fairy lucky dips and OMG, MUST get stamp it designs finished and in the post TODAY for friday deadline!
Would love to share them but they are top secret, cant even give you an inkling of this years theme's.
Oh and a new line of illustrated fairy cards, must finish the gratitude box i am working on, as well as a top up of more fairy beary affirmation cards.
order some velvet pouches, laminate new prices for new fairy stock oh and I've lost last financial years paper work. Thats not good!
thats my wednesday!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unicorn design STAMP IT rubber stamps christmas designs

Our new Stamp it's new christmas catalogue "wishful" is out now!

Whilst I'm waiting for my catalogue and stamps to arrive, I thought it an appropriate time to update my Stamp it design catalogue.
So here we have all my chrissy designs from over the past  few years.
As well as my 2 new ones are available now! 
click on the title to purchase

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lots of lovely new goodies in my ebay shop

Oh where did today go?
fairies have been busy restocking their ebay shop today- 
is it just me or does the computer make you super tired??!
I've raided all my Grammar school art fair stock as my store was getting a bit low, 
how sad to hide all these lovely things away in boxes.
Fly be free and find new and loving homes!
So here they are 8 new items in my Affirmation canvas section
and a new journal in the Unique gifts section
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family photo's layout: Grandma Sells War Years

Here is this weeks "personal layout "!
I's very simple but took AGES to do- just as well there's only the boring election stuff on the tv.I am SO over it-Lets vote already!!!

My Grandma wasnt a really frilly person- so I kept it simple. 
She loved her garden and flowers so i thought this a perfect reflection of her.
As always I seem to leave the journalling "til later"
not quite sure what to put- i thought I'd ask my dad of his memories of this time. 
As I'd like my family albums to be full of facts.

Materials used
Websters pages paper
Misc Vellum
Bazzill cardstock
Kaisercraft and prima flowers
Kaisercraft pearls 
K & company rhinestones
misc braid
journalling blocks by daisy d and K & company
sullivans ribbon
glossy accents

 CLICK HERE  to see this layout and more on inspireME- websters pages site

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Handmade pink butterfly lunch bag album

Here it is!!
My new lunch bag album- all prettied up and ready for a new home.
This one has LOTS of library pockets and little little envelopes to hide any journalling away. As some people aren't comfortable with their own handwriting or expressing themselves.
I've left the album " blank" so that you can add your own theme.
Could be lovely as a baby,sweet 16 or even a wedding album
check out my listing for more details and photo's
CLICK HERE to look and /or purchase!
fairy blessings
 Leonie :-)

WOWWD- what's on wednesdays work desk?

WOW it's wednesday again!
What are you guys up to today???
Me- i have just completed a pretty pink and black butterfly lunch bag album- 
so it's time to crop photo's and list on ebay.
The sun is shining- so there's probably cattle work on the cards too!
I have lot's of goodies to post from my shop.YEY! Thank you universe!!
Dont forget my canvas and easel sale ends at the finish of August- then they are off to the markets!
Have a fairy happy day
stay tuned for my listing details!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot from the studio- FAMILY lunch bag paper bag album

Hot from the scrap studio, a beautiful vintage family theme lunch bag scrapbook album! Wouldn’t this look fantastic with old sepia or black and white photo’s? I'm almost tempted to pop in some photo's of my own and keep it myself!
This album I have created with 5 bags- so that’s 10 pages in all with 5 openings to pop in  memorabilia and ephemera. I have also made 3 extra large sheets into the open ends of the bags as a little extra, for more photos and writing.
The album measures 8 inches by just over 9.5 inches and has HEAPS of room for photos.I have made 6 photo matts to fit a standard 4x6” photo, with a tiny bit of extra “frame showing so they will look 3d!  I have been generous with journaling and heading spaces with a touch of gold stamping on each piece. There are also some lovely embossed circle areas to add extra photos. 
HINT: I find that circle punches from the brand “friskars” available from K-mart or Spotlight are perfect for trimming your photos for that really professional look!
All my embellishments are handmade -the chipboard has been glimmer misted then stamped and layered with glossy accents, to achieve a high gloss finish professional look. They have photographed a bit dark- they have a real 3d gold shimmer finish- they are like looking into a cats eyes.. spooky!

Many of the pages are decorated with beautiful satin ribbon; there are 3 library pockets with tags- ready for extra comments or journaling. Also there are 2 flaps that extend out for hidden journaling and extra photos that you may want hidden from view.

Phew I'm exhausted writing about it! 

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