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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Willowing & artist friends- a happy place for making art

How exciting!!!
My mum sent me a link to this amazing site she stumbled across on the net!
Not only did i join but i found my way to Willows ETSY SHOP and purchased a beautiful print and a compact mirror.
(Yes i know i can do my own illustrations!!LOL) but there's something special about having some gorgeous art from some one else that touches your heart and makes you feel inspired and special.
This lovely lady also offers art courses too!!

and of course my blog on willowing.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WOYWW#90 posting from a hot bod!

Floods in Qld- earth quake in Nz and a heat wave  and a cyclone in the north of Western Australia.
Doesn't it make you grateful for all you have??
So today I not complain about the messy desk and the hot and bothered cat littering my carpet getting under my feet.
Sending blessings to all in New Zealand
thinking of you

Monday, February 21, 2011

KT custom made album- Nicky

This masculine album has turned out so well- if i don't mind saying so myself!!!
This 6 1/2 x 61/2 paper bag album has bold colour with heaps of space for creativity.
I have embossed the plain paper and used lots of foiled fleur de lis, no girly ribbon here! 
Striking satin black and organza ribbons along with hidden library pockets and 3 large tags hidden in the pockets. The butterfly paper has been used sparingly and has a touch of gold glitter on the body design.
As an added bonus i made a few flaps ready for embellishments or extra pictures.
Hope you've all had a great day

Please contact me at 
if you'd like a custom made album made  especially for you!~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A secret look behind the scenes.

Here's a little something that made me laugh today!
How's this for a creative cat???
Smokey loves me more than life it's self and is desperate always to be involved in whatever I'm doing.
Nothing like hogging the limelight- just wish he'd look a little more interested!!

ps no albums were harmed during this photo session!

WOYWW? purple fever and secrets form a craft room

latest album ready for listing

THE work space- looking ever so organized....

20 canvas's await on the white table ready to make fairy and dragon worlds-
that is this weeks aim!!

Only when i see the phoot's do i realize HOW much paper i have.
It's starting to freak me out abit!!

AND there's MORE

Happy corner with all my finished goodies ready for  selling

This is an angle i dont often photograph-

Purple fever has hit the studio- an affliction which once started must be seen  through to the end!
Having finished the beautiful girl album ( on a previous blog posting), I still have so many more purple ideas in my mind!AND way TOO much paper and embellishments, which cant possibly be put back in their boxes- all must be used. That is my new rule!
So until I’ve satistied my purple obsession this week- that is what will be on my work desk this wednesday and week. In between the cows have now started calving  2 down about 398 to go.

Looking ever so tidy and a little bit organised I must say!!
Don’t let it fool you, every project starts the same way- it wont be long until you can not see the tables surface and the bits will have migrated to the top of the paper racks!!
Then probably the kitchen- then into the lounge room. All the floor space in between too.
i am not joking!!!!!
So for anyone who has limited work space i have to tell you a secret......
there is never EVER enough space to work in!!LOL

For those of you who are wondering what I’m going on about with all this WOYWW it all starts with the lovely Julia at stamping ground. 

You too can share in the fun and show us what your doing.
Please hop by her blog and  see what its all about
Thanks for popping by and joining in the fun.
Happy woyww

Monday, February 14, 2011

Affirmation canvas's a journey into the spirit

Any one who knows me knows i LOVE beautiful words and a great quote.
Sometimes we all get a little tied up with life and forget about the little things.
So thats why i have been creating these handmade affirmations positive words as gentle reminders in life's daily grind.
great to give as a personal gift- or if it touches your heart keep it for yourself!
Here are my latest offerings

fairy blessings
L xx

Friday, February 11, 2011

beautiful girl- custom made album for Tegan

Beautiful girl 8x8 inch paper bag album

The gorgeous chipboard shapes are from 2 crafty
I've inked then heat embossed them by hand.
Couldn't help but add rhinestones and purple pearls!!

The beautiful flowers from kaiser craft have been glimmer misted lightly with 'iridescent gold'.
Check out the solid silver charms- the large dragonfly pendant was $10!!! The baby one was $1.00.

The 'girl' embellishment has been made by inking the chipboard then embossing with stamp it holographic embossing powder with a heat gun, Then i put a layer of glossy accents and embedded the letters and a rhinestone into its glossy finish.

The photo matt flap is actually a rare embossed translucent vellum from Brenda Walton.

I have used quite a bit of pearlised card stock and paper throughout.
The flowers and butterflies have all been cut by hand.

The pocket has 3 tags- all blank ready for journalling

detail of chipboard embellishment- tiny tags popped underneath

Lookie what's what hidden beneath the flap!
A cute library pocket made from my a paper that i designed  for stamp it rubber stamps. It's pearl!!

extra flap and more hand embossed chip board embellishments

More goodies hidden under the flap

look there's even MORE!

Pretty flat embellishments with also a highlight of 3 d ones popped in too.

Another flap and tags- the chipboard swirl opposite has just enough room to slip a photo underneath it.

Hidden library pocket ready for secret notes

Cant resist a close up

Volia! it's finished!

Sometimes when your creating or doing something do you wonder where the end result came from??
We'll for me this custom made order was one of those!
It's taken quite a while to complete and now it's done i wonder where it  'channeled' from.
I look at it now and go WOW did i make that?
I am so proud!
hope you like it Tegan?