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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WIMWSW? What's in MY work studio wednesday!!


I am an artist
I work in a studio
I create  beautiful  items
That people admire
I make my living as an artist

Janet Ghio


fairyrocks said...

I am loving your wire paper racks!!
I see that empty shelf too!!!
Whatcha gonna put there?

Leonie said...

thanks fairyrocks!!
hmmmm space..... not for long!!!!- have ordered a heap more paper!
It is my "show off" area- whenever i make anything it sits there until i feel i can let it go!
I dont get much time for my own stuff- mainly orders at the moment- which is good!fairy has to eat!!!!

Theresa said...

Wow Janet! What a terrific studio! Just drooling over all your wonderfully organized papers!

Sheila said...

I love the wire paper racks too! And a great affirmation.

Morti said...

Oh my - that's some workspace you have!!!! Very impressed and a little envious!

Creative Boutique said...

Wow!! Love all those papers stacked up there! Great pictures,
Thanks for sharing,