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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MIchelle Memorial album for Dannielle

Custom made paper bag album
6x6.5 inch black paper bag album for Dannielle.
I’ve used matt gold metallic paper along with an ivory pearl cardstock.
There’s a hint of patterned paper also throughout the album- some have a tiny bit of high finish gold foiling.
The cover is my favourite bit as it is a flocked raised velvet pattern- I’ve left it blank because I thought you could cut out a photo and pop it on the cover. ( your photo will slip under the organza ribbon!)
There’s 12 pages in all with some lift up flaps for extra space along with a fold out page.
One handmade pocket for little memorabilia too.
The bit I’m happiest with is that I’ve left loads of room for photos but been a bit tricky by actually making a pocket UNDER the photo area-neat!
Hand embossed damask in both negative and positive positions give the papers some really textural depth.
Hope you like? xx

Cover- damask flocked velvet pattern- with room for a photo

a cute extra flap holds a heartfelt quote. Photos will easily slip under the ribbon

view of flap lifted and extra tag I've hidden behind the photo area. This matt doubles as a pocket!!

little flap opens to reveal a hidden quote and photo area

hidden pocket under photo area and ivory pull up flap

under the flap

an extra ivory flap for more photos

the gold page swings out to form an extra page :-)

view under the flap

another tricky photo area hides a pocket with a tag

Back of book with a small quote

Australia day 2012 baking in burekup

This year on one if the hottest days of the year I baked in burekup!
4 Continuous days over 40 degree heat I must of been crazy.
But the spirit of the day and the beautiful people of a tiny town made it worth while.
To be honest if I was looking at it from a financial point of view I wouldn't go but it's the soul of the place I love !
looking forward to next year :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Petticoat lane prep work

Every year the festival of busselton has an afternoon evening market called petticoat lane with over 150 stalls it's massive.
So time to choose from my van what to take for the night - hard to get all that stuff into 3 meters!!!
So tiggy my visitor for the week is keeping an eagle on my layout!!
thanks Tiggy!
Hope she brings me good luck ;-)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blog catch up looking back moving forward

How long has it been since I've posted a blog?
2011 slipped by so quickly
With lots of new creations, the start of a little local crafts market , the loss of a dear dear friend and an amazing trip to see my grandmother for her 90th birthday. Total revamp of my fairy van omg time flew fast!!
2012 is said to have new beginnings and lots of change.
On a personal note we are hoping to hear this year from the state government when they will "acquire" the farm( a little like the movie "the castle".) Then we can all get on with our lives.
Rest assured though no matter what happens I shall still be creating my paper bag albums- the fairy van? Well we'll just have to wait and see. Tough economic market and a potential move away to another farm- who knows?!!
No matter what the magic will always be with me
Wishing you all love light and joy for 2012
Xx fairy and smokey the cat x