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Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 here we come- BIG CHANGES AHEAD!!

My philosophy

I believe  that we should all be surrounded by beauty that  inspires, touches the heart and satisfies the soul.
For when we open our hearts and follow our dreams, we bring love and light into the universe.

This is my journey!
Big changes ahead this year for me- fairy can feel it in her 'water' and is working hard on it now! 
my market and online store's will follow these lines.

" your never too old to sparkle!" - 

There will be something MORE for every age group!
This year i will be focusing more not just on the kids but also more spiritual items for adults.
Lots of practical goodies!!!
But dont panic I'm still keeping the dragons and fairy's but a more limited line of goodies. Limited lines of quality items- constantly changing so you'll always have new choices to make!

I dont know about you but I'm a little tired of souless $2 shop plastic rubbish. 
I have been guilty for time to time at the markets of also falling in this trap. 
Coming soon I'll have more unique handmade one of a kind items-
will keep you posted when the BIG CHANGE is about to happen.

*Soul searching journals for those on a spiritual and rediscovery quest.
*dream weaver diaries for the littlies
* new line of fairy beary products
*Monster muncher nightmare snatchers
*space clearing kits
and much much more.

If there's something that touches your heart and you are interested in, please let me know and I'll do my best to create or source an item for you.
After all we are all on this journey together!
love and light
fairy leonie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
illustration by Fairy Leonie copyright 2011

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