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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


MY desk this week is a little messier than last week!!
I currently have my mum staying to help me with tonight’s PETTICOAT LANE MARKET.
I’ll try and remember to take pictures to post tomorrow, but the night is a bit manic.
So here we are in my studio- Mum has brought her big red bag as lovely stampy stuff and a few projects.
Though somehow I think she may be a little optimistic!! As we have A LOT to do!
I have tried to clear half my table for her- a shipment of prima butterflies and flowers just came in and they kinda creeped across the divide.
The fairy stuff on the corner is some new stock that also came in for my new look revamp fairy van. Fairy tarot cards,tote bags, a precious things silk bag and some earrings.
That’s this morning’s job until lunch time when I’ll scrap til market time.

I have got a bit organised and put all the embellishment bits for a couple of affirmation canvas’s in a tray AND made a tidy pile- yup very scary.
Stuff that’s usually piled on the table is now stacked on top of my paper racks.
Anyway thanks for dropping by- I have tried to catch up with a all the lovely people who kindly came by and left a comment last week. I didn't get to you all- sorry bit busy with markets etc this end.
Sorry if I don’t make it to you- fairy has dial up and rural connection is SOOOO SLOW and constantly drops out.
So THANK YOU for popping by in case I cant get to you this week!

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1 comment:

karen said...

Oooh, I love to get a look at your studio! So much lovely stash you have! All the better to create your wonderful creations!
Good luck at the market!
xoxo Karen