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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let you heart guide you paper bag journal- latest ebay listing

Phew what a week it's been!
I made this album a week ago but have only just had a chance to list in on eBay.
I think subconsciously i didn't want to let it go!!
too late now- it's out on the web in my little shop
 for more pictures or to purchase click here. 

Another night market tonight- set up is at 2.30  and it goes to 9.00pm
Tomorrow back in the fairy van- basic refit is done- just need to find homes and set up displays for all my new stock.

Having a slight panic coz it's a bit of a radical departure from my usual "fairy" stuff.
I have spent all my money on lots of beautiful things that I love and believe in and that have a place- use and meaning. If it doesn't have a story it wont be in the van!

There  will be distinct sections- making it easier to find what you are looking for.
*The fairy section has been reduced down to the basic best sellers- must haves such as wands, fairy dust, snowglobes , wishing fairies as well as a few new surprises. Making it quicker and easier for kids to make choices.

*There’s the inspiration section-, cameo pendants, tarot cards, spirit cards and beautiful things

*Prosperity and abundance – feng shui wind chimes, bells, tibetan singing bowls, charms and good luck statues etc

*dragons - dream dragons, monster munchers nightmare journals, large and small dragons along with a bit of skull stuff for the boys.

Stay tuned for more  details and pictures!!
Pressure will be on tomorrow to finish it for Sunday markets.
have a fairy happy day


The Sparkly Fairy said...

so beautiful!

Leonie said...

thanks sparkly fairy!!

Leonie said...

SOLD to a lovely lady in Canada- THANK YOU!