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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Handmade 'Journey' paper bag journal. SNEAK PEEK- pre ebay lisiting

My love is to create handmade gifts with spirit and with soul.
My aim is to be the very best that I can be, having a reputation for quality creativity, excellence and inspiration.
The pieces I create have soul and integrity-not just albums and journals for their own sake and to make a quick dollar. But sacred spaces to inspire and treasure memories.
Pieces of art with a spiritual base, places to explore, inspire, create,
for wishes, dreams, hopes and musings.
I believe we have lost a little of the magic in the world and it’s time for us to reconnect with ourselves.

My philosophy is

I believe that we should all be surrounded by beauty that  inspires, touches the heart and satisfies the soul.
For when we open our hearts and follow our dreams, we bring love and light into the universe.

I have been inspired to create a new paper bag range of soul searching Paper bag journals.
This is the first, of which I hope- of many!
I think this is THE most detailed and complicated piece I have created yet.
Paper bag books/albums are so versatile- not only can their pages hold photo’s memorabilia and journaling. I believe they are less intimidating than a blank lined book. MY own gift is to create beautiful spaces, if you are not visually inclined or don’t have the time and inclination-this journal is for you!

Here I wanted to create a place that was easy to use with lots of nooks and crannies to jot thoughts, quotes and secret musings throughout.
Lately there has been a lot of loss in my life- through friends passing on and also friends on their final journey in life dealing with illness and death.
I am a massive fan of John O’Donohue  who wrote“ Anam cara”.
THE definitive book on celtic wisdom- life and death.
He speaks of the need for the dying to be able to go back over their life and share with their loved ones, the highlights of their journey (and of us to do the same with them!), in order to help them come to terms with their own passing.
Deep stuff I know!!
I AM coming to a point here- and that is I have a deep feeling that this particular journal could also serve to help on a journey such as this.
A place to store wisdom, thoughts, memories, messages, and also to console those left behind.
I have added stamped words and life affirming phrases throughout.
I hope will be a stepping stone to start your own ‘conversation’.
Then again- whoever purchases this, it may just speak to you and say “yes” time to express yourself “ this album is ME!”
A perfect place to take flight and spread your emotional and creative wings.
I have 12 pages here that’s 3 bags folded into 6 pages with 2 sides. Don’t forget there are also 3 open ends  to slip in photo’s memorabilia, ephemera- whatever your heart desires. The book itself is 6x6 inches.
There are NO RULES- follow your heart and do what you feel.If i have done my "job" right it should flow easily for you!
I have even written a little ‘my wish for you’- which is not featured in the pictures but will be hidden in a pocket!
I am very excited to see where it will go.
Looking forward to your comments
Love and light fairy leonie xx

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