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Saturday, January 29, 2011

days of miracles and wonder- soul searching journals

Red moment soul searching journal

red whisper butterfly journal

moments soul searching journal

Let your light shine mini journal

sometimes soul searching journal

Turquoise dreams soul searching journal

wonder soul searching journal

remember soul searching journal

Latest release set of soul searching journals!

I've been quietly working away on these for quite some time now- it was only when i sat down to photograph them that i realized how many i have created!
I kinda go into my own little world with these and it's always hard to let them go, particulary this batch as it's the last of this paper that i have. 
But they always seem to end up with the 'right people' which is so exciting to know that they will be loved.
So who knows what the next lot will look like??!! I do tend to jump themes quite radically!

These are all for sale-
I will be gradually listing them on ebay. As you can imagine it takes a long time to upload photos and write the listings, so the process is gradual.

You can email me at 
to purchase directly here

or check out my ebay store and purchase through there

The 6x8 inch ones are still AUD$29 here - although my prices will have to go up on ebay :-(
and the smaller one " let your light shine" will be AUD $18

They are all have 100 lined pages and pockets inside the front and back pocket with double sided tags.

please note postage is extra- i will give you a price according to your location. You will only be charged the actual postage/shipping costs!

I can either provide you my banking details or send you a pay pal invoice to your email address

this is what some happy customers have had to say!

"I received the Dream Journal today!!!  It is even more beautiful in person, if that is even possible!!!  I love it soooooo much and I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you were able to part with it!  It must be hard to let go of such a beautiful work of art but maybe it will help to know that it will be cherished forever by me!"  Karen Canada

"The journal is absolutely stunningly gorgeous and the cards are beautiful. I am stunned at the beauty of the journal, on the computer it looks beautiful but in person it is  a hundred more times stunning. The detail is amazing. I will definately be making more purchases from you. Thank you . I am so glad i came upon your website." Deborah- USA 

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