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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fairy ready to fly!

2010 fairy van look

2010 look

January 2011- the changes begin!

Fairy and fairy beary section

Prosperity and abundance  corner - LOVING those buddahs and Kwan Yin!
mental note to self- Himalayan salt lamp is for SELLING NOT KEEPING!

Mum sneaked a piccy of me  setting up!

Well here we are- the basic's are done- a fair bit of tinkering to do- but I'm pretty much ready to go!!
Sure to be many changes as I go, already I have been challenged by gale force wind as I set up.
Tomorrow is my first market and it's forecast showers :-(
So I'm a bit sad- fingers crossed it wont keep customers away.
I'm looking forward to see if anyone actually notices the changes- as people are pretty funny and don't really seem to look that hard.
Cant wait to start tinkering!!
have a fairy happy day

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1 comment:

fairyrocks said...

Best of luck to the fairy with the gypsy heart (and van full of goodies)
Keep smiling and creating