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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Playing with paint- Fairy happy birthday card design

OOps fairy leonie has had her aquarell water colour pencils out again and been playing!
I havent cleaned up the image yet, but couldnt help but upload her to see what you think!?
I am thinking about doing a small range of this character- little square cards with
happy birthday
twinkly birthday
fairy happy day
What do you think-is she worth persevering with?
have a fairy happy day xx


Scossie Jane said...

Leonie, she's sooooo cute - perfect for the little ones....

How about incorporating the words Daughter and Granddaughter - I find cute cards for the little ones with these titles so difficult to source in Oz - Have had to buy a generic Birthday Card and add the word Granddaughter to it - sooooo frustrating - a definite gap in the market.....

What do you think...

Hugs xx

Leonie said...

thanks jane- BRILLIANT! fantastic idea!! Will do and I'll let you know how it goes
xxx hugs right back at ya xxx