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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clearly going mad on acrylic!!

2 more pieces and then thats it!!!!
I am sooo happy to have used up these bo bunny clearly mixed up acrylic album sets!
They retail here in the shops for $33 and i couldnt even give them away on ebay for wholesale cost price. They are so pretty i just cant understand why people have such a problem with using acrylic?
Once you get your head around the fact you must mirror image the paper on the back to hide your tape/glue the joy of layers of rub ons and bling is so much fun.

So that will be it for me- one scalloped piece and an artisian shape to go. 
I do have some odd bits of half scalloped circles etc but i think they will make their way onto my own scrap book pages instead.
then I'm on to more fairy and dragon shadow boxes- altered canvas's, I am on a mission to finish up all the jars and JARS of silk flowers i have.

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Deni said...

My daughter would luv those albums! she is a Barbie girl!

Leonie said...


Cassandra said...

These are stunning. Love the colours they are all so feminine. *hugz*