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Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to basic's a brief journey.

Isnt it weird in life where we tend to go round in circles??
Often coming back to something we loved to do in the past?
My business has grown and changes with the times and has come full circle too.
When i first left university as a qualified graphic designer illustrator so many years ago, i set myself up as a self employed illustrator and designer drawing painting making cards and crafty bits.
Then off to the big smoke to work in a massive multimillion dollar printing company, where creativity flew out the window and sales figures were all that mattered.
Health and happiness were the casualties and after hard reflection, i knew my life must change and I should follow my heart to the country.

Not sure what to do and after taking a year off i started out once again- painting drawing and creating.
My friend had a fairy shop and I found myself supplying her with lots of handmade pieces.
Things snowballed from there and i found myself as the fairy lady with my own mobile shop, still doing the odd design job and illustration here and there.
I wanted to offer in my little "fairy shop" a touch of magic with all the things I love as well as things that you couldnt find anywhere else.
Times change- one minute people want plastic dragons- the next they want a bespoke unique handmade treasures.
With these hard economic times competition is tough. there's a lot of stuff out there cheap, mass produced and soulless. It would be easy to follow that that path and go for the easy money. But somehow i just cant find it within myself to go there.
Savings are desperately low and bills are just getting met, but my spirit is high.
Now here i find myself returning back to where i first started drawing painting and creating.

Unfortunately you can not ever get paid for any time that you put into your work- I have to have a little giggle to think about the last 2 days i have spent drawing painting scanning and redesigning one simple water colour birthday card illustration. which I will sell for $2.50 each 14 hours at $90 an hour thats a lot of cards to sell to make back my "wages"!!!!! As a crafts people we must be mad! Dont get me wrong I'm not complaining!
I think that when you live your creative dream, there are small trade offs to be made.
Things in life are always constantly changing- and so here i am back to the beginning.
I love my life and it satisfies my soul.
If there's one thing in life i have learnt you never get  a second chance.
Enjoy your life do what you love and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you!
love and light leonie :-)

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