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Saturday, September 11, 2010

the OTHER side of the scrapbooking fairy!

Welcome to the OTHER side of the scrapbooking fairy.
Fairy farm girl!

I  couldnt wait to scrapbook these photo's and i had to share my new addition to the family.

Daisy woke me up at 10.20pm last night making a racket- it was raining ( of course) so out with the torch with my dressing gown and there were 2 little legs and a head coming fast.
Quickly ran inside called farmer ross and got changed and grabbed some hot water and soap.
Baby was quite big and we had no time to get the calf jack- so we improvised with some soft rope and gently eased THISTLE into the world.
Baby number 3 step sister to Blossom and Rosie.
Stay tuned for scrap book pages
L xx


Deni said...

Aww she is gorgeous how wonderful another cute calf!
Oh that takes me back to when I was on the home farm many times we helped the cows have their calves I luved it!!

Leonie said...

I bet you dont miss the mess and smell !!??? lol