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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pimping my blog- work desk frenzy!

Ok so it's not woywdw-we're a day behind in australia
But inspired by Julia at stamping ground, and after having already done it yesterday 
(our wednesday!) have decieded to pimp my blog AGAIN on thursday!!

check out her great blog at 

So this is the disaster area that is fairy and dragon world canvas's! 
My mums visiting at the moment and has purloined half the desk- the neater side is hers!

Here's the hard core stuff now.......

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have a fairy happy day!


sasa said...

Thanks for letting us look - lots of lovely work on your blog - lots of lovely colours and details...
Sarah (sasa 27)

Twiglet said...

Oh such a lovely lot of things to snoop in your work room - thanks for sharing!!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Wow! What's been happening here?! It's a riot! Hope you're having fun! I am! Seeing all these different work areas and styles! Patsy from

fairyrocks said...

Thats a whole lotta pink and purple!!!! LOL
Kind of like a cotton candy explosion. Goregeous creations in your store.
Keep smiling and spreading the Fairy Dust around!!!

Helen said...

Love all that stash on your desk!

Susan Allan said...

You are obviously such busy people.
Thanks for the snoop around your desk.. masses going on there!
Sue xx 15

nnalorac said...

Oooo, like an alladins cave, thanks for a fab nosey of you craft room. nnalorac.x

Katie said...

Lots of purple! Reminds me of getting ready for my wedding. Love your creations - very pretty

-Katie (83)

Anonymous said...

Looks like an explosion in a craft store Leonie but I love it, such colour!


oneoff said...

My first thought was that it looked like Spring, but then it is Spring for you... Loving the greens and purples at a time when we're all reds and golds here in the UK.