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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gift for my uncle Roy

It's done!
A surprise gift for my Uncle Roy in Canada- a little thankyou for all the support he and my Aunty have been giving me throughout my latest family saga with my Dad.
I had promised AGES ago to copy some photo's for him of his grandfather, but time and tide had passed and it just never seemed to happen- so many many photo's to sort and scan it was a bit overwhelming.
Feeling very guilty after all his help, I made this for him.
So I think he'll get an all mighty surprise when he gets his long awaited for pictures as well as this 8x8 inch paper bag album!!
12 pages all based on the black and white photos'  of his Mum- my grandma 
'Marjorie Jeannie Sells'
there's a few hidden spaces under the flaps for any photo's he may have , as well as a space on the back. I stamped journalling blocks and have left them blank for him to write in any details he wishes.
The pages were really intricate to do- 
first i layed out the photo's- marked their positions with a pencil line, then stamped a silver large pattern that i faded off in the background. I wanted a hard  ink/ pattern line to cut through the bottom quarter of the picture so it tied the image down to the page.
then careful inking of a black floral image to peek out from under the double matted photo's. 
I then softened the hardness of the black ink with a touch of crystallina kindy glitz and a sprinkle of silver rhinestones.
I also added a few rub ons throughout as titles and flourishes which I thought classed up the pages a bit.
The open ends of the bags contain copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, and he can add anything else he wants to as well.
Cant wait to pop it in the post and hear what he has to say- (sorry MUM cant wait!!!)


Scossie Jane said...

Leonie, this album is beautiful. Your uncle will really treasure it. It is beautifully put together - so elegant. The stamping detail is stunning - LOVE it....

Hugs xx

Deni said...

That album is so special what a wonderful gift it will be!