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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ebay store changes

As you all know things have been very quiet in these hard economic times!
As with everything when times are tough, things need to be re looked at in order to see whether it's viable to keep going on with.

I have now closed my 'shop by appointment' and scrapbook classes due to lack of interest and commitment. So thanks for all of your interest but I wont be continuing with these services.

Before I make any critical decisions about my eBay store,  I though a bit of tweaking and refreshing was in order. 
I've rewritten my store header and made some new store categories.
I have been taking advantage of these quiet times to have a look at my products,prices etc and have even created  sales and massively discounted items to get some more interest and sales going.
I have tried to cater for not only the "non scrapper" who wants premade complete items , but also for the "lookers" who are scrapbookers that are looking at my work for inspiration or to copy from. For them I have discounted diy items such as - albums, papers,tags, embellishments and co-ordinated kits of all the things they seem to like in the work that I make myself.

I have added new products in a cheaper price line, offered free postage and massive discounts too.
I'm now a bit at a loss on what to do next - so thought I'd send out this blog to ask if any one has any suggestions- criticisms or ideas?

Please take the time to look at my eBay store
and let me know where I can improve all info is useful
looking forward to hearing from you!

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xxx Leonie

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