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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My weird fairy creative farm girl life

This is a weird sample of my life over 2 days.
Dehorned drenched and nlis tagged 49 beef steers.
Rescued a cow that had had triplets the week before out of the Dam she got stuck in! ( while it was raining of course!!) and the sun was setting!
Posted off scrapbook orders to my beautiful customers- in Italy and USA.
Shopped for supplies, finished a steam
Punk album.
Then an arrival of 2 of the cutest little heifer calves from the local calf sale.
Completed a custom made birthday album in record time- pictures coming tomorrow ;)
Wrangled herdie gertie the multisuckle cow into the cattle yards and introduced her to her two new babies;)
Home for a 1km run, mowed my lawns to encourage some more rain.
And now dreaming of my next album creation :)
Inspired by the Angels
Hope you've all had a wonderful day
As much as mine are diverse I love it!
Blessings of love and light
May you all be lucky enough to live your dreams
Leonie xx

1 comment:

fairyrocks said...

You are a busy woman, I am amazed at the things you do, now I am floored by the things you do in one day alone!!
Keep smiling and creating from a Canadian bloggy friend admirer of your work