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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Farming and gratitude boxes.

This week has been a mix of farming and gratitude boxes! I've completed 3 boxes which I'll be photographing and listing soon ;)
I have a new order to start for a lovely lady with a travel album :)))))
Can't wait to get started!
Lots of orders have been shipped and look at these three new arrivals!
2 have been doubled up on cows and the tiny one is snuggled deep in hay on my shed ;)
We got her really cheap as she was very poorly at the calf sale.
Luckily for us she only has an infected ear :)
Mokey is doing well- he's got cabin fever and is desperate to get outside. Vets orders were to keep him confined for a month, but I think after our Tuesday appointment she'll agree he is fine.
Mind you with rain forecast for the next week, I think he'll be happy inside ;)
Wishing you all a wonderful mothers day this Sunday.
Weather permitting I'll be at the markets tomorrow
Big hugz and kisses to the bestest fairy mum a girl could have.
All my friends want her as their mum- but she's mine! aLL MINE!!!;))))
<3 love and light xxx

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