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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The realm of magic- dragonfly symbology

 Dragonflies are inhabitants of two realms – water and air, and are seen as the transition between dream and reality. They are associated with color magic, illusion in causing others only to see what you wish, and other mysticism. Dragonflies are often represented in Japanese paintings, representing new light and joy! 

I wonder whether this is the attraction to putting them and butterflies in all my recent work?
 Hmmm? well all I know is that i really love using them and they seem a perfect foil to those beautiful mariposa papers.
As always I am on the gratitude journey- the more I am  grateful for,  I recognize more positivity and hopefully it will attract more good things.

So all this gratitude and dragonfly talk neatly leads me to show you my latest e bay listing-
A butterfly dragonfly gratitude paper bag album!- how convenient was that!!!? LOL
Anyway newly listed on e bay and ready for sale- if you are from a country that I haven't listed shipping/postage to- please contact me and I'll revise the listing details for you to purchase.
All payments are safe and easy through the PAY PAL payment and e bay system!

so here we are
for more photos and purchasing details
have a fairy happy weekend

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