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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WOYWW? purple fever and secrets form a craft room

latest album ready for listing

THE work space- looking ever so organized....

20 canvas's await on the white table ready to make fairy and dragon worlds-
that is this weeks aim!!

Only when i see the phoot's do i realize HOW much paper i have.
It's starting to freak me out abit!!

AND there's MORE

Happy corner with all my finished goodies ready for  selling

This is an angle i dont often photograph-

Purple fever has hit the studio- an affliction which once started must be seen  through to the end!
Having finished the beautiful girl album ( on a previous blog posting), I still have so many more purple ideas in my mind!AND way TOO much paper and embellishments, which cant possibly be put back in their boxes- all must be used. That is my new rule!
So until I’ve satistied my purple obsession this week- that is what will be on my work desk this wednesday and week. In between the cows have now started calving  2 down about 398 to go.

Looking ever so tidy and a little bit organised I must say!!
Don’t let it fool you, every project starts the same way- it wont be long until you can not see the tables surface and the bits will have migrated to the top of the paper racks!!
Then probably the kitchen- then into the lounge room. All the floor space in between too.
i am not joking!!!!!
So for anyone who has limited work space i have to tell you a secret......
there is never EVER enough space to work in!!LOL

For those of you who are wondering what I’m going on about with all this WOYWW it all starts with the lovely Julia at stamping ground. 

You too can share in the fun and show us what your doing.
Please hop by her blog and  see what its all about
Thanks for popping by and joining in the fun.
Happy woyww


Helen said...

Love all the purple, it's one of my favourite colours too.

Airing cupboard stamping said...

I love love love your craft area and your storage thank you so much for sharing

Your book is stunning

laura xx 119

S said...

Loving the purple - thanks for the look around. S #106

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see more of your room Leonie, and yes, you have such a lot of stuff but obviously make really great use of it all. Love how Smokey is getting in on the act too!

Brenda 100

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Fab workspace, gorgeous projects and beautiful pics of the cat.
Thanks for sharing.


okienurse said...

WOW super organized. Thanks for sharing it all with us. Vickie #30

Spyder said...

Oh my goooood have everything! Papers where you can see them, a nice kitty, mine's a sleep at the moment and a fabulous card!!
A real treat of a snoop!

Nicky said...

Love all your organised paper storage and loving the purple - also the above post with your cat very funny ~ Nicky no.6

helksa said...

Very nice craft room! Super cards!
xx helksa #105