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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BFF custom made lunch bag album

lots of pretty metallic matt gold with highlights of glossy gold swirls. Page 2 has a fold out flap. The handbag is all glittered and 3d!

detail of 'inside cover'- shoe has been glossy accented with squiggly die cuts out of it.

With the flap closed! The funky purple accents are velvet flocked with gold foiling- so luscious and really pretty.

flap open with gorgeous 3d k & company handbag embellishment

pocket page with 2 large decoarted scallop tags
details of large tags

i have added quite a few black rhinestones throughout.

Another tag pocket page AND library pocket too!

library pocket with tag detail

pocket page with tags details

Wow it's done!
This is something really bold and a bit different for me!
It seems to have taken on a life of it's own.
The brief was black and gold and for some gorgeous gals who love to hang out shop and chat online etc.
It wasnt what i started out to do and just got bolder and brighter as it went along- i think its one of those things you'll love or hate it! I hope she likes it????!
The colours have photographed a bit disappointing- the gold is really pretty and not as flat and dull as it looks here. The purple velvet flocked accents are so luscious and really compliment the contrasting red. I used lots of hearts, princess tiara's/ crowns some texting symbols and stamped  some shopping stuff throughout. the shoes are really high black gloss and I really liked the idea of the hearts with wings symbolising friends "hearts" far away from each other. Went a bit mad with the glitter gold embossing powder on the chipboard too as I really wanted a bit of bling. The black rhinestones i thought looked classy and really finish the accents beautifully. The cover has BFF and also pearl swirls and the last of my prima frame swirl border rub ons.
I liked the modern colours and wanted it to feel rich and contemporary- i hope i fitted the brief??
fingers crossed- I like it I hope she does too?

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