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Monday, December 7, 2009

Canvas Crazy!

It's looking a lot like christmas!
Must be coming soon as ebays really taken off!
These canvas's are my new hot seller.
They are selling as fast as I'm making them- thats gotta be good?!!- about time too!
if you purchase directly from my blog I'll throw in free postage.
$25 each wow what a bargain.

For those of you who are interested in making your own- they are fun and easy. Also very addictive!
*first get your canvas- flip it so the back is facing you.
*Cut patterned cardstock or paper to just fit the middle and tape /glue to the middle
*use double sided tape on 3 sides of the sides your canvas- pop ribbon or lace in place then staple gun into position- remembering to leave a loop at the top where the adhesive is missing to form your hanger.
*hot glue flowers, buttons etc to cover staples and also any embellishments inside the canvas and onto the papers
*cut a clear sheet of acetate to the size of your canvas then cover each side with paper to hide the canvas sides- like a frame.
* I double glue mine with first double sided tape and then a fine layer hot glue too
* decorate- add rub ons and embellishments
and voila! there's your canvas
have fun!-would love to see your pieces!
L xx

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