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Monday, July 16, 2012

Bridesmaid paper bag album- Prue

This is the first of 2 custom made bridesmaids gift albums. They are in the same colours as the brides wedding album but with a little more of the blue. As i wanted the brides album to have more of a wedding theme. The theme for this album is friendship

2 final bridesmaids albums

First album is for Prue- both albums are very similar but with slight difference in quotes and textures.

A beautiful mix of pearl, bling and recycled handmade paper

closeup of handstamped and heat embossed images

extra swing out page with recycled handmade paper, bling paper and embossed texture

I've tied the ribbons so its easy to slip your photos underneath

Xtra flap

hidden areas!

Another extra flap!!

Photo matt doubles as a pocket. Textured corrugated card decorated flap

under the flap

back of album

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