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Sunday, July 31, 2011

soul searching journal- shabby chic

I am so excited to share with you a paper bag soul searching journal!!

My Paper bag books/albums are so versatile- their pages hold photo’s memorabilia and journaling.
But I believe they are less intimidating than a blank lined book or a blank page.
There is PLENTY of room here for photo’s- nooks and crannies for memorabilia too! This book is perfect for storing your favourite quotes, photos and anything that inspires you and lifts your heart

I have 12 pages here that’s 3 bags folded into 6 pages with 2 sides- yes they really are paper bags!! These ones are pink/mauve.  Don’t forget there are also 3 open ends to slip in photo’s memorabilia, ephemera- whatever your heart desires. The book itself is 6 ¼ x6 ¼ inches.

I have “cheated” some extra space with many fold out pages and panels too!

Embrace the journey into the spirit and soul and express yourself within the pages.
Rediscover and free your creative spirit
Healing through embracing your fears and expressing yourself
Give your thoughts wings to fly
Delight in moments of inspiration
And embrace lost moments from the past

I've had a fascination with journals since my mum gave me one as a little girl. It’s rich velvet cover and that “new book” smell has always stayed with me.
I have now found myself collecting as well as creating special one off journals.
There's something magical about those inviting blank pages- full of possibilities, an invitation to express yourself.
There's no right or wrong- no judgment- just a quiet place to reflect, express and create.
My Journals are my friends for life-
My wish for you is that this journal should be a friend for your life- a place to explore.
To share within - your insights, wisdom and awareness. All that you have gathered during your life’s path.
For when we open our hearts and follow our dreams, we bring love and light into the universe.

Wishing you joy.

A perfect to give as a gift – or if it touches your heart and inspires your soul just keep it for yourself!

CLICK HERE for more photos or to purchase

Either give it blank or fill it with photos for a really personal gift.
Let my work inspire you to record your memories to keep forever.

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