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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Here is a little sneak peek at my next ebay listing
once my other album i have on ebay is sold- this is the next one to go on :-)
Unless you'd like it first!!

If you'd like it a little more girly i can add white handmade flowers!

I've kept the pages cleanwith lots of room for big photos

Cute artisan shaped flaps hide journaling areas

I've cheated a bit more space and added a large flap for photo's

AND another flap

I've also hidden alibrary pocket behind the pocket here

Ooops another flap- BONUS extra space :-)

Even the back could have a photo!

The dark grey ribbons on the spine have been distressed and are meant to look "shabby" and vintagey

This album is just over 6x6 inches made from 3 paper bags folded to form 6 pages with 2 sides- so thats a total of 12 pages. Dont forget you can slip goodies in the open ends of the bags too!
It is $49.99 plus $13 express tracked post in a 500 gram satchel.
Email me at to purchase. 
I will then either send you a paypal invoice or my banking details

thanks for looking :-)

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Leonie said...

SOLD with thanks!
thanks for looking :-)