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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sneek peek- friends paper bag album

I am so excited to share with you a limited edition line of unique handmade paper bag albums. Every album is remarkably different and has its own “personality”.
This 6x6.5 inch Paper bag books/album is so versatile- its pages hold photo’s memorabilia and journaling. It has 12 pages, that’s 3 bags folded into 6 pages with 2 sides. Well actually it’s a bit more as I “add” flaps and fold out extra pages. These bags are pink.
The ends of the bags open to form 3 pockets so slip in extra photos, memorabilia, ephemera or what ever your heart desires :). You’ll find practical spaces with PLENTY of room for notes- nooks and crannies (pockets and a flip out page) for memorabilia too!I have already added 3 extra large tags to get you started!!
I have made it so easy for you, just crop your photos, place in the spaces provided using glue or double sided tape, then journal your notes.
Where I have added ribbons over the photo area’s, rest assured you can easily slip your photo’s underneath.
It’s all about making your photos come to life. When I design each album I always have in mind how the final piece would look completed. Every thought is about how YOUR photos will look on the page- rather than creating an unusable “pretty” space. Although the papers are so nice it will be hard to cover them!!
Instant gorgeous album-so simple to use!
I was so excited when these new designs were released- funky modern and vivid. Who could resist the butterflies?? The some of the papers also have pink “foiling” to them as well as a glossy varnish to make the flower pattern really “pop”!
I’m afraid I went a little mad with loads of extra space with flip out flaps and pages
My favorite part is probably the butterflies- I love love love their acetate glittery wings
 I’m offering this little sparkley beauty for $52.00!-

CLICK HERE FOR PURCHASE or for more photo's!!!  for quieries
A perfect to give as a gift – or if it touches your heart and inspires your soul just keep it for yourself filled with photos and memories.

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