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Friday, June 17, 2011

Butterfly collection

I'm never content to be doing the same thing- must be the gemini in me!!
I  have created a new line of "butterfly" paper bag albums using the last of my mariposa papers.
Loads of luggage tags (my latest obsession) and fold out flaps.
Although I think my favourite thing is the photo matts.
Which I have turned into pockets by only adhering 3 sides- so you can slip the tags underneath- neat!!
My unmounted cling on "stamp it rubber stamps" set of butterfly stamps came in last week so they also got a work out too.
I have ordered some gorgeous stamps from Stempelglede and cant wait until they arrive!!
3-5 days is wayyyyy to long :-)
So here they are- the new editions to the family.
Seriously wanting to keep the turquoise one- it's a problem!!!
have a great day all
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CLICK HERE for more photo's

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