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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The secrets out!!!- NEW Gratitude Journal

Yes it's done!-
1 week later and it's finished!!
The start of a new line of paper bag journals.

Gratitude Journals

If you’ve heard of 'The Secret' Or ever read Sarah Ban Breathnaught or seen Oprah, then you’ve probably come across Gratitude journals or Diaries.
It's a type of journaling that helps you focus on all of the blessings in your life, and is also a great way to attract more of those good things to you. It gives you an appreciation of what you already have is essential in attracting more of what you want.

Gratitude journals also help maintain a positive attitude, because you train your mind to focus on and acknowledge your blessings on a daily basis.
This type of journaling is similar to writing in a diary, but one in which you focus on all of the things for which you are grateful each day.

On some days, I find it a challenge to focus on my blessings, but the more I write in my gratitude journal, the easier it is to focus on the positive and reflect on the negative things in my life with more perspective. It's great to go back over what you have written when you feel it hard to be inspired!

In addition to writing about the things I which I feel grateful for, I also include positive quotes or inspirational sayings that are meaningful to me within my books. I paste photos , sketches and anything visual that relates to my positive experiences. SO even if your not 'creative' you can easily express yourself and give out happy and positive energy into the universe.

It's been a lovely journey creating this piece. I have glimmer misted, distressed hand stamped, cuttlebug embossed and heat embossed nearly every page. The tags I am particularly proud of as they are a combination of lots of techniques and you all know how much i love vintage shabby chic and the distressed look!
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lots of fairy blessings to you all
L xx

for more information here's a link to a great site 'the secret'


Scossie Jane said...

Stunning little album Leonie, totally stunning - what a fantastic idea, a Gratitude Journal. We do tend to spend too much time bemoaning what we don't have.....

Jane xx

Leonie said...

Thanks Jane!
It's so true!
xxxL xxx