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Monday, November 19, 2012

white chakra Wedding guest paper bag album- Toni Lee

This paper bag album was a lot of fun and a real challenge! 
The brief- white on white wedding plus monarch butterflies with flashes of bold chakra colours. 
Kinda similar to the "inspire" album i popped on earlier in the month.
So i used white bags covered in white bazzill and used flashes of the bo bunny garden paper throughout. As well as butterfly rub ons and white organza ribbons. 
Nearly every page has an "extra" area where i have added either a flap or fold out piece for guests to write on.

Theres also a mini pocket with small tags in and the open ends of the bags each have  a large pull out extra sheet.
the colours represent the cosmic body
spiritual body
causual body
heart body
mental body
emotional body
and the etheric body

The cover the quote in edwardian script and I used the TWILIGHT script for a modern look on the couples names :)
The silver butterfly is made from metal- not plastic!!

I've mixed up the amount of areas for people to write, the first "red" page has space for a large message for someone who'd love to write a story- the quotes and bright colours are hidden beneath the white with just a "flash" showing. The pocket has 4 mini tags. YOu ca lift the ribbons up to pop photos underneath if you wish as I have attached them from behind the pages. The butterfly motif is also raised on 3d tape!!

The yellow orange page as a gatefold flap area with room for more writing or a photo- a few butterflies decorate this area so it doesnt look too stark.

The next page bleeds orange into green- with flashes of green and lovely green ribbons on the areas where you lift the flaps .

The blue has 3 lovely shades with pretty organza ribbon touches.

The purple also has  2 shades with extra flaps

and finally the back just a touch of pink- this area can be written on too!! 

Book showing tags and extra pull out pages

The photos are a bit hard to see BUT i can guarantee there is plenty of space and it looks so so pretty IRL
fingers crossed its ok?? xxxx

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