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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fairy making hay while the sun shines!!!

Wondering why its been a bit quiet on here from me??
think these pictures will help explain!
tractor with the single rake+ hard work! Instead on 1 lap round the paddock this one rakes 2 into one then it all needs turning! so 50 acres turns into 150!!!

please dont rain please dont rain ........

Getting dark and racing that incoming front. If the hay gets wet with anymore than 5mm it gets mouldy and its nutritional value is zip.

Bugger 4 winrows to roll and the rains started :(((( big v rake now ready for greasing and maintenance

This is my "Office" from 9.00am- 8.00pm at night, silver lamborghini tractor and happy days when i can use the big v rake. For raking hay that is!- we are rained out at the moment so hay has halted for a bit. This year i have a tractor with a cab A RADIO AND AIRCONDITIONING and best of all iits steering/breaks and gears all work!!!!!!!
1200 rolls down- soon back mowing when the grass has dried and then we start all over again- think theres probably another 300-400 rolls to make. Oh and i should tell you not those little hay rolls. We do whopping 6ft ones!
In the meanwhile here's a few farm pics and coming soon I have 2 new new yummy yellow bird albums to show off before i list them on ebay
fairy blessings xxxx L

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