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Monday, April 23, 2012

Creative space 2012

Every artist needs a creative space and this is my studio;)
I thought I'd share a little magic of what happens behind the scenes.
Wood black butt floorboards
Storage racks for a multitude of the latest as well as old treasured papers and cardstock.
Piles and piles of acrylic stamps ( soon to be stored in new binders)
As well as all the precious goodies that go with them, ribbons flowers and the back wall has a pile of stuff for my lucky dips.
The singer sewing machine is a treasured gift handed down to me from my mum. It was her 21st birthday gift from her parents and I'm so thrilled to have it.
Bit messy but who can create in a sterile environment?
Of course there is the ever present cup of green tea - this brew is buddahs tears. Hand rolled jasmine and green tea balls.
I believe that in order to create beautiful things you must create a sacred space.
Wishing you all joy and a wonderful day
I am off to work on a custom-made order for a beautiful lady in Italy!
xxxx leonie

1 comment:

fairyrocks said...

So nice to see where the magic you do happens. Lovely working space.
Thanks so much for sharing
Keep smiling and creating