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Monday, February 20, 2012

sneak peek- pre ebay listings steam punk owls and shabby chic

OK so here's the deal!
I cant help but create- BUT I'm worried about putting too much in my ebay shop that it becomes a little too hard to choose.
Not to mention the spate of copy cat paper bag people who have been copying my themes!

SO to curb myself from going crazy and flooding the market- thought I'd share here first
I'm only allowing myself to list a new one as one sells- what do you think good idea??

So we have
a lunch bag album-

TIME with stamping and distressing galore- this one is more of an art piece than a straight scrapbooks, its taken a bout a week to complete- believe it or not!!

then 6x6 paper bag album- Unlock your dreams with a steam punk owls. I have a bit of an owl fetish thing going on at the moment

and finally Beautiful moment 6x6 paper bag album- shabby chic paris floral vintage creation. I know! I KNOW more shabby chic but my shabby heart will not be denied!LOL

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