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Monday, February 20, 2012

Paris journey shabby chic meets Jane Austen- custom made album for Tanja

This is a special order for a lovely lovely lady in Italy!
We wanted a Jan Austen meets paris travel shabby chic theme and feel.
Its an 8x8 inch paper bag album with 12 pages- thats 3 bags folded to 6 pages with 2 sides to equal 12 pages in total.
I have added heaps and heaps of extra space by making flip up flaps and hidden pockets.
I have done an enormous amount of distressing and stamping throughout. Using a kaiser craft postage stamp motif along with some lovely butterflies.
The papers have  a mix of paris journey, books and delicate flowers.
I wait with baited breath to see if it is ok????
 I loved this album so much i have made a smaller one which will go on ebay shortly- so keep your eyes out!!! xxxx

Personalized cover "tanja" with metal key and key opening, layers of hand tea dyed lace and blue ribbon 

Paris shabby chic theme with the scalloped edge of the photo area forming a hidden pocket. Opposite there is a flip up flap with  a metal tim holtz key hole

Close up of pocket with 2 extra tags included

close up of opened flap

lots of room here for photos hidden under a flap with metal key hole! opposite another area which hides more tags. Note all the hand distressing as well as hand stamping to the pages

closeup of flap with extra journalling pannel

hidden under the pocket flap is an area which i have added a jane austin feel cameo and a journalling area

girly pride and prejudice pages with a littel shabby chic. I have tied tags to the ribbons which can be easily lifted to put photos underneath

extra flap along with a vellum see through page

another extra room  made with a flap

 2 more flaps- omg loads of space for photo's

I love this elegant stamp- it came from Holland

even the hidden spaces are lined with elegant Jane Austen type patterns

back of the book has a little victorian image - beautiful!

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