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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WOYWW#97 fairy stones,secret designs & a sweet love restyle.

What’s on my work desk this Wednesday???.....
Apart from fixing a fence the giant steers broke yesterday bad boys! And feeding calves?.....
Hmm sorry can’t show you my Christmas stamp designs alterations- top secret!!
But i have a tray of fairy wishing stones (as you do!!)
There's an order which the lady simply disappeared and didnt pay me for :-(
My first time this has ever happened – so now i am taking  upfront non refundable payments. 
So the wedding tags will now be in a special Sweet love paper bag album, think i will work on a special box to go with it and throw in the 3d altered canvas i did as a free gift.
Apart form the that- the studio is still relatively clean, though you should see the room out the back!LOL!
Getting so much stuff together for the swap meet- hoping it will be a fairy fantastic day.
Whats on your work desk today??
Join us at
for some fun!
Thanks for popping by
Have a fairy happy day
ps does any one have any ideas on what i should make for the PIF gift???


Dragon said...

Why are some peeps so horrid!! Great workspace here

fairyrocks said...

You are so tidy!!!
Fairy stones interesting
Too bad about the dasher who didn't pay. The very first Huge Rock I ever did was a dasher, long story left me out for about $250.00 hard earned Canadian Dollars. The lesson however is a non refundable deposit for sure !!

Wipso said...

You have a lovely crafting space.
A x

akilli melek said...

your room looks very tidy. shame about the awol client, that is just plain rude!
have a fab wednesday
caroline #49

Angelfish said...

What a lovely working area you have:) I'm intrigued by the fairy stones! Fiona x

okienurse said...

nice work space. sorry to hear about your problems.
Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78