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Friday, May 7, 2010

STAMPS have arrived

Today my stamps and catalogue arrived!
15 designs in all- so here's a few piccy's for you to look at.
xx L xx


Scossie Jane said...

Your stamps look great Leonie, will have to be getting me some of them, the chandelier is fabulous, and the fairies are magical - a wee trip to Stamp-It me thinks.....

Hugs xx

Leonie said...

Thanks Janie!
the new catalogue is really good- you'll find HEAPS of really great stuff- be warned!!
though I noticed not so many designs this time, I think things must be tight for all craft manufactures?
things have definately slowed down here

Deni said...

WOW those stamps are great!
Just Love the tree!!!

Leonie said...

I've just finished submitting some christmas stuff for the end of the year- so i hope that they like them too.
Although now seing these after so long- there's a few changes i would make!

Deni said...

will be looking forward to seeing some of your new ones then.