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Monday, May 17, 2010

Clean out time - embellishment packs

Yup it's clean out time- embellishment packs galore.
Bit dejected after rude people ferreting through my lovely things at the Vasse market. 
Was starting to get really irritated when they were all complaining about prices- 
helloooooo $12.95 items for $2??? what the hey????? And lets not say anything about the $42 brand new rare sizzix die I was selling for less than half price!
So anyway ....thought I'de rather offer a few bits and bobs to the lovely people on ebay - who all appreciate a bargain and a bit of class!!!! tee hee!
Have been through the bargain baskets, my studio 'shop' collection and 50cent basket and made mega packs of stuff.
there's an ebay auction due tomorrow and another one in a couple of days as well as a buy it now in my store.

If any one wants any special theme's or colours that I dont have listed, please feel free to drop me a line- I'll try and help out the best I can. 
I also have a tonne of christmas chipboard items
Any purchases or orders over $15 I will pay for the postage!!
hope your all having fun spring cleaning- or should i say autumn cleaning.
stock take times not far away arghhhhhh
xxxL xx

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