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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


its that time AGAIN!!!!!
my work desk this week- a bit top secret................
christmas stamp designs!!!
deadline- May 1st so they'll have to be in the post by this friday.
couldnt show you an empty desk ..... so here's a scatter of rough sketch ideas-
which may OR may not be worked up to finished designs.
These are just my prelim ideas - kind of visual thoughts on paper. Scary to see how my mind works??
whats on YOUR work desk this wednesday??


Eve said...

look forward to seeing some of your new stamps in the xmas collection

Leonie said...

Thanks beautiful!
all posted off just awaiting the comments.
BUT the general catalogue for 2010 has just been released!!!!
get a sneak peak at
search under "unicorn design" and you'll see all my goodies xxx